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Eye Exams at Walmart?

Woman at an eye exam in Fort Myers, FL

Learn the Value of Your Fort Myers Eye Exam

Is it time for your yearly eye exam? Even if you still see sharp, eye care professionals recommend that everyone has their eyes and vision checked annually. You need your vision for everything you do, and regular eye exams are the best way to prevent complications and take good care of your sight.

To make eye care convenient and affordable, our optometry center, Dr. Sills and Associates, is located in the Walmart Vision Center in Fort Myers.

Our qualified optometrist will use advanced diagnostics and high-tech equipment to inspect your eyes and vision. We furnish our Walmart Vision Center in Fort Myers with the latest technology – so you can trust that your eye exam is thorough and precise. Dr. Sills also brings decades of experience to every eye exam he performs, so your Fort Myers eye exam will be performed by highly skilled, golden hands.

Low Cost Walmart Eye Exams Offer Top Value

We aim to make first-rate eye care affordable for everyone. How do we do this? Because Dr. Sills rents space from a local Walmart Vision Center, it keeps our overhead lower than most private eye care clinics. Also, being located in Walmart keeps customers flowing in constantly, so we see patients all day long! As a result, we can price our high quality eye exams at a low cost for your benefit.

Benefits of Your Fort Myers Eye Exam

We will administer comprehensive, accurate visual acuity testing to verify that your vision prescription is up-to-date, so you can purchase new eyeglasses and contact lenses. Look through the convenient Walmart optical collection to select new glasses, or you can take this prescription anywhere in the United States to purchase your new eyewear. If you wear contacts or you’re interested in wearing them, we also perform contact lenses eye exams and follow-up eye exams for our Fort Myers patients.

Along with making sure your site is sharp during your eye exam, Dr. Sills will also evaluate your eye health closely with a high-powered lens. We accept most vision insurance plans for the portion of your eye exam that your policy covers; contact our office for assistance.

Walk-Ins are Welcome; Get Your Eye Exam Anytime!

Along with bringing you eye exams that are friendly to your budget, we also offer eye care that’s friendly to your busy schedule. We invite you to pop by anytime to have your eyes checked. Dr. Sills and Associates have been serving Southwest Florida and the Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metro Area for over 31 years, and we look forward to seeing you in our Walmart Vision Center office.