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Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses

Visit Dr. Sills and Associates at the Walmart Vision Center in Ft. Myers

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Whether you have been wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for years, or you recently noticed problems with your eyesight, we will clarify your vision in Ft. Myers, FL! Our eye doctors provide a full range of eye care services, including vision testing and eye exams to confirm your prescription. If you require eyeglasses, we are located conveniently in Walmart – where you can take advantage of the extensive optical collection.

Our professional eye care team at Dr. Sills and Associates will ensure that you have a precise and detailed vision prescription. With advanced technology and testing equipment, we will perform a thorough check of your vision and eye health. We encourage everyone to have regular eye exams, as many vision conditions and changes can go undetected. Schedule your appointment for an eye exam inside Walmart Vision Center to take your first, essential step towards purchasing the right eyeglasses or contacts.


Your glasses need to fit well, look amazing, and give optimal vision – with no compromise on quality. Keep in mind that not all eyewear is equal, and we know which frame sizes, styles, and shapes are recommended to best support your vision prescription. Our opticians will advise you on the ideal eyewear for your visual needs, while also taking your fashion taste and lifestyle into consideration. With over 30 years of experience serving Southwest Florida and the Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metro Area with sharp sight, you can trust our expert guidance!

A complete range of eyewear styles is available in the optometry department adjacent to our Walmart Vision Center in Fort Myers, FL. We encourage you to take your time and look through the variety of styles, materials, and colors – all durable and made to last. If you are attracted to a bright and bold look, there are plenty of fun plastic frames to try on. Eyeglasses constructed from premium metals, such as titanium, will express a more sophisticated, conservative attitude. Take your time and browse the quality options to discover the perfect eyeglasses that will flatter your personal style, facial shape, and individual budget.

Contact Lenses

If you decide that contact lenses are the right eyewear for your lifestyle, our optometrist can help you find the right brand. With so many contact lens brands, materials and specialty options the decision can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for disposable lenses, hard lenses or daily soft lenses, your eye doctor can help.

After your eye exam – once you have your current vision prescription – our staff at Dr. Sills and Associates look forward to helping you find the ultimate eyewear in Ft. Myers, FL!

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