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Our Patients Experiences With Dry Eyes

woman wiping her eyes with a tissueMy name is Sara and I am a medical receptionist. I had just started a new job a medical receptionist and I am on the phone and computer a lot answering emergency phone calls and reading. I have chronic dry eye and I had been on an urgent triage phone call one day and my eyes were itching and painful so much that I had to rub my eyes and I had completely forgotten an important detail that I had to ask them to repeat the question. It was so frustrating. I need to be able to concentrate on my job, and be 100% focused in those crucial moments when lives are on the line. I don’t need to be distracted by uncomfortable, painful eyes. My right eye constantly tears up and I have to wipe it a lot, I think it has to do a lot with the amount of phone and screen time, the amount of reading emails and reports and just living my normal working day.

Dry Eye Treatment

I went to see an eye doctor in Fort Myers that evening after work and he analyzed my tear film and used some really advanced technology to understand why I was experiencing these symptoms of dryness, itchiness, and pain. He gave me a prescription for a powerful new medicine called Xiidra.

I had let my Dry Eye symptoms go for so long and I was ignoring the discomfort and pain that it just got to the point where it was interfering with my work. I finally realized that my symptoms were real and not just coming out of nowhere I had to see an eye doctor. I had to face the fact that I have Chronic Dry Eye and awareness is the first most important step to managing it. I love my job and now I am more confident in handling those crucial moments without worrying about being distracted by my Dry Eye symptoms interfering with my work.

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